Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rice is the main course menu of the people of Bangladesh
Rice is the main course menu of the people of Bangladesh. Most of the family eat rice two times a day in their
meal. Some family eat rice three times a day but Bangladesh day by day going rice shortage Country. Last two years 2009 and 2010 Bangladesh have bamper production of rice but Bangladesh have to import this year arround Six hundred thousand tonnes as because rising population and every year reducing Agriculture Land.
Bangladesh every year lost 82,000acre of Agriculture Land due to urbanization and Industrial use etc. In this process is continued within three years Bangladesh have to import two million tonnes of rice every year. with in three years another ten million popultion growth will be added with existing population and 2,40,000acres Land will be lost from agriculture production for urbanization and it will be huge pressure of Bangladesh Foreign Currency reserves. Bangladesh Foreign Currency reserves below Ten billion dollar, Second Bangladesh have Foreign debt arround 17th billion dollar. This year Bangladesh buying rice from Vietnam because Vietnam have surplus production but in 2007 is agreed to export  any rice to World Market for their own shortage. In near future Bangladesh have to find alternative way to solve this problem. IN FUTURE RICE WILL BE CONCERN FOR BANGLADESH

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