Thursday, September 16, 2010

Climate Change effect, human catastrophes for Bangladesh

This picture of Road in Bargina Costal city under Barisal Division in Bangladesh. It is a Climate Change effect, due to rise of sea water label. Most of costal district in Bangladesh some area or city overflow by sea water during moonsoon sason. Now it is happend in moonsoon season . Time is coming after 10 to 15years sea water will be overflowed whole the year. Around two billion people will be effected in Bangladesh for the Climate Change problem. In future it will be human catastrophes for Bangladesh. Climate Change effect, flood, shortage of drinking water, this two billion people will be migrated in highland area from costal area.Now, what happend there, During moonsoon season some area "Kalapara" goes under 7to 8 feet under flood water specially people face problem of Laluah Union, Ramnabad area some villages Chandupara, Charchandupara, Bara pach number, Choto pach number, Chowdury para, Charipara village agriculture family sometimes they could not cooked their food because their kitchen under flood water. Sometimes Kalapara and kuakata ferry ghat service closed 7 to 8 hours for overflow fery ghat by flood water. This is the story there now in moonsoon season . Future story more painful and more human suffering. So, day by day people will be migrated form that area to other save area in Bangladesh. if this two billion people migrated from costal area to other area , it will really human catastrophes for Bangladesh.

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