Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Industrial waste water grave peril, Bangladesh

Industrial waste water grave peril Saver in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Untreated waste from Dhaka Export Processing  Zone,DEPZ pollutes water farmlands since1983: no CETP installed yet, around two hundred thousand people exposed to serious health risk. Untreated liquid wastes from Dhaka Export Processing
Zone ,DEPZ have been polluting the Bangshi River and other water bodies around, putting around two thousand people of twelve villagers in the area into tremendous health risk. Only a couple of decade ago the villagers used water from the nearby water bodies like Dholai beel for drinking, bathing and irrigation.
But now the water of Dholai beel and Bangshi River looks pitch black and it stinks as wastes from DEPZ, where many of World famous brand items are produced continue to pollute the water. Inhabitants of the villages around Dholai beel in Saver, where the DEPZ discharges its untreated effluent, said the wastes have severely contaminated the land there, and they cannot cultivate Paddy now, The pollution has thus threatened the existence of some traditional livelihoods while villagers often suffer from water-bone diseases. Polluting more than 1,000 acres of land in Dholai beel, the filthy water pours into the Bangshi River in Saver, Dhaka.The pollution spreads over the villages during floods. In the 143.84 hectares area of DEPZ there over 300 idustrial units, including Chemical,Leather, Textile, Agro-based industries, garments and garments accessories, woven and kintted fabrics, Medical and biological Pharmaceutical industries and Backward and Forward linkage industries. Under an open door policy the government established the DEPZ in 1983 to attract foreign investors but it is not yet to set up a central effluent treatment plant, CETP for the industries in the DEPZ.

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