Monday, November 8, 2010

The Buriganga river, Dhaka, Bangladesh feed oil and chemicals

The Buriganga river, Dhaka, Bangladesh feed oil and chemicals. A group of workers at Swarighat, Chemical market, Dhaka city, Bangladesh were loading a large pushcart with empty plastic barrels used for containing one of the 112 toxic chemicals used for the tannery industries in Hazaribagh, Dhaka.
The cart was soon full af barrels neatly stacked as high as 10 feet from the base of the Vehicle. The workers then headed for the nearby Mitford Hospital ghat along the embarkment under the second Buriganga river bridge. Three workers unloaded the barrels and started cleaning the chemicals in the Buriganga river water. A pungent smell filled the air. The residues from the barrels tured the part of the swollen Buriganga river water toxic.
Workers said the practice of washing these emty barrels has continued for years.

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