Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bangladesh vast river wetlands are grabbing

Dhaka city, Bangladesh became a concrete jungle, developers with the idea " River View" and "Lake View"
housing project are making good business through most of them don't have government approval.
Uttara university has erected a signboard on the floodplain of the Turag river in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Amid encrochment by housing estates, private universities an refuelling stations, the tiny Turag river in Dhaka, the major flood flow system of the capital from north to south is being choked and reduced everyday. The rivers on the papers of Water Devlopment board 218 meters in width at Mirpur point. However, years of grabbing has reduced it to less than 18 meters in width in many places. Local says some government officials have bought a vast swath by the river and fill it up for a housing project called Paratyasha Housing. Different other housing companies are now filling up the river elsewhere.
Uttara University has projected to buy around 20 bighas of land  in Kamarpara village just beside the Tongi-Ashulia Highway and already registered 11bighas.
This area is identified as the Sub-flood flow zone in Dhaka master plan, most of which has already been filled up as the government authorities keep blind eyes.

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