Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turag river is grabbing year after year in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Only a few feet away from the navigation channel of the Turag near Kamarpara, a piece of land has been filed up and awaiting further development. Turag river in Dhaka, Bangladesh was much deeper and wider when I was a school boy. I did not dare to take bath in the river, recollects a nostalgic local man when asked how he saw the river in his  childhood. Now that the Turag river has been indiscriminately encroached. It is no longer a mighty river.
As the Dhaka city is expanding northwards, the price of land started to shot up especially sine the Dhaka protection embankment was build in the early 1990. Soon some influential people from the capital dhaka invested huge amount on land and started grabbing the river with the help of the local people.

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