Thursday, July 25, 2013

A droop of water will be liquid Gold for common people in Bangladesh within 5years

A droop of water will be liquid Gold for common people of Bangladesh within 5years because as a country Bangldesh government could not protect Water, Land, River, Foreast and Biodiversity. Bangladesh need Environmental economy which is called "Green Economy" it is not costly process only need to knowledge and political commitment. In Europe, Germany already done green economy. Enviroment protection and conservation is not just about finding out ways to implement green farming and green energy development techniques. Its also about implementing the right procedures to improve and manage the sources of water supply and ensure that the rural population gets a constant and hygienic supply of clean water both for drinking as well as for other purposes, keeping this in perspective.

Modern concepts related to clean water management and through well scheduled program of events. it will be ensured that the techniques are implemented in the proper manner. And will also try to ensure that these method are being followed by closely monitoring the events and keeping a track of the progress through periodical evaluation.

Improving rural water and sanitation, Hygienic living and water supply is an important part of the overall growth and development of rural population as it is base on these factors that health and family welfare can be ascertained.

Educating and imforming the public about clean water and environment protection is as important as implementing newer and more efficient techniques.

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