Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bangladesh political party funding by Ghost benefactors run an underground economy.

 Army back caretaker government in Bangladesh-2007-2008
This news published in the Daily Star Magazine 16 March, 2007.
Bangladesh for the country dishonest amoral businessmen. national elections become another source of earning a few millions. both the major political parties remain hostage to these corrupt person who buy the BNP and Awami League ticket at a price as high as 5-10 crores taka.

Though in paper they both claim to profess democracy and transparency, the BNP and Awami League have remained a bastion of undemocratic behaviour. It is no less than tragic that 17 years after the two leader, Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina, who had led a mass upsurge against military ruler Ershad vile regime have themselves remained symbols of dictatorshipin their own parties.

There exists not a shred of internal democracy in the BNP, where party leader Khaleda Zia holds absolute power. The Awami League on the other hand, regularly hold council, and follows what the party-members call democracy,bur from electing (Choosing) presidium members to party general secretary, Sheikh Hasina wishes are command to the party councilors.
When it comes to party leadership both the parties have dictators as the party Chief.

How the parties fund themselves is a mystery. Whenever both the leaders are asked about funding of their parties they name Ghost benefactors who prefer to remain anonymous, Some of these Ghost benefactors run an underground economy, and remain virtually untouched by the law in exchange loyality that they show the amount of cash given as donatins to the BNP and Awami League.

It is not at all surprising that through both BNP and Awami League have been vocal about each other demonic rule, neither the BNP nor the Awami League has done anything substantial to try the other parties leader for corruption when each one of them in power.

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