Monday, October 28, 2013

Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia equally wealthy

This news published in the Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18-12-2008.
Report: M Abul Kalam Azad
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia owns more assets than Awami League President Sheikh Hasina , although Khaleda annual earning is less than her rival, according to wealth statements submitted by the two leaders to the Election Commission.
Khaleda annual earning amount to nearly TK:25 lakh while Sheikh Hasina earns Tk. 30 lakh and the BNP chief owns assets worth about TK.3.77 crore while the Awami League Chief owns assets worth about Tk. 3.48 crore.
Sheikh Hasina annual earning of TK:20.79 lakh comes from shares, savings and other bank deposits while Khaleda put her highest chunk of earning worth TK. 12.97 lakh in the miscellaneous section without mentioning sources.
Sheikh Hasina earns TK:4.50 lakh from agriculture and TK:4.48 lakh from house rent while Khaleda Zia earns TK.5,23 lakh from house rent and TK. 7.73 lakh from shares, savings and other bank deposits.
According to their affidavits accompanying their applications for candidacy in the 9th parliamentary election.
Hasina has movable property worth about Tk.3.47 crore while her immovable property amounts to TK.1,7 lakh.The largest chunch of her assets is deposited in different banks and financial institutions , which is worth around TK.3,18 crore.
The Awami League chief has gold and ornaments worth TK. 13,25 lakh, vehicles worth TK.6 lakh and furniture worth Tk.7,40 lakh. She also has cash worth Tk.1.50 lakh.
On the other hand, the BNP chief mentioned that out of her movable property, she has TK.36.52 lakh in cash, TK.2.75 lakh crore deposited in various bank and financial institution, electronics worth Tk.2.60 lakh.
She also has 50 tolas of gold.
In the immovable property sections, Khaleda Zia, who is contesting in the December 29 parliamentary election in Bogra-6, and 7 and in Feni-1 constituencies, disclosed that she owns land worth TK:12,300, and that she is also the one third owner of a house.
Both of the chief politicians mentioned politics as their profession and that neither of them has any foreign currency in possession.
Sheikh Hasina , who will contest in the general election for the seats of Rangpur-6, Golpalganj-3, and Bagerhat-1, has a Bachelor of Arts degree while Khaleda mentioned that she is self-educated.
The Awami League chief is currently facing 16 cases which were either suspended by the court or are under investigation while the four cases the BNP chief is facing were also suspended by the court.
Sheikh Hasina did not fill in the section 7 of the mandatory disclosures that asks candidates to mentioned the promises they had made to voters during previous election , while Khaleda said in the section that she tried her best for the overall development of her constituency.

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