Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Awami League and party ideology and Abdul Awal Mintoo

Awami League Government  arrested  Sheikh Hasina ex-adviser Abdul Awal Mintoo.
Who is Abdul Awal Mintoo and how he came from America during the time of Ziaur Rahman rule in Bangladesh and established his first office in 48, Purna Paltan, Dhaka-1000, When president Ziaur Rahman first visit in America. Abdual Awal mintoo was the chief of the President Ziaur Rahman reception committee. Shiekh Hasina knows it, but when Awami league came in power, Abdul Awal Mintoo appointed as a Adviser of Sheikh Hasina. After that Frigate corruption case came against Abdul Awal Mintoo and
Sheikh Hasina. Abdul Awal Mintoo was the agent of Frigate suppliers. It was alleged that Taka.511.17 crore losses. During Caretaker government 2007, joint interrogation cell took interview Abdul awal Mintoo told in front of Awami League Ex-secretary general Abdul Jalil. Abdul Awal Minoo collected money from business community and all money handover directly to Sheikh Hasina and Late Abdul Jalil agreed it..........more

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