Monday, November 25, 2013

Bangladesh Democracy based on Corruption.

Bangladesh Democracy based on Corruption.
The Bangladesh Jatiya Sangsad on Monday amended the Representation of the people Order 1972 paving the way for political turncoats to contest the next general Election. The amendment dropped the clause in the Representation of the People Order 1972 that made it mandatory for a candidate to be a member of a registered political party for three years so that political turncoats could contest the next general election. Now no need to registered with any political party for the person want to participate the general election. As a result, Awami League, BNP, Jatio party sold their nomination to the rich people those are interested to elected Parliament Member.
As Example, During caretaker government in 2007-2008, Mr. Babul of Jamina group asking nomination from Awami League and offer taka 30 crore but on that time others reasons Awami League is not agreed to gave nomination to Mr. Babul after that, Mr Babul join president Ershad Jatio party, it is told by Awami League Ex-general secretary Late Abdul Jalil in the interrogation in join force that video still in and linke is here :

                                              I am also witness is one of the case during President Iajuddin arranged general election Awami League nominated one my business friend from Sirajgonj now present MP was Abdul Latif Biwas. I asked him, How you got the nomination from Awami League. You are never believe the ideology of Sheikh Mujibar Rahman. He toldme that, he buy this nomination from Awami league. Now if you want to be became Parliament Member no need to do politics and ideology. You need money to buy the nomination paper. It is called- Commercialisation of politics and trading of candidature before election. 

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