Sunday, March 30, 2014

The latest spree of Enforced Disappearence in Bangladesh.

The latest spree of enforced disappearance has been speeding up since the ruling party has renewed its tenure through a fake election that was boycotted by all the opposition parties. The government denied the people's right to elect their representatives in the 10th parliamentary "election". At least 52% of electorate found their votes meaningless as 153 (out of a total of 300) parliamentary seats were decided before the election in order to secure the ruling parties' "unopposed victory". The remaining 147 seats' elections experienced extremely low turnout amidst riggings by the ruling party cadres and violence between state agents and opposition supporters. Before and the after the "'election", staged on 5 January 2014, the opposition has been demanding a fresh election ensuring the people's participation in a transparent, free and fair atmosphere under a non-party government so that administrative bias can be avoided. The current incidents of enforced disappearance have been occurring in such a backdrop with the purpose of silencing the voices of the people by creating extreme form of fear and panic in the society.

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