Friday, April 11, 2014

The Naked City of Dhaka

In the morning the sky exploded and that instantly blanketed in the Dhaka city. The rain water overflow in the street of Dhaka city in the rainy November wind hard  toward the comfort of their apartments and homes. On the road of “Shahid Minar” near Dhaka Medical college the tall, thin man wearing very simple clothes moved along with the rushing crowed to a rhythm “O Amar Sonar Bangla, Ami tomai bhalobashi” ( My golden Bengal, I love you.) He was walking rapidly, it is not harm of the other pedestrians who were also walking rush. He was free after a 3 years jail and he was on his way home to tell his wife that, it was finished. The past was going to bury its dead and the future was bright and golden. He was thinking how her face would glow when he told her the news. As he reached the “Shahid Minar” just opposite Science building of Dhaka University the traffic light on its way and he stopped. A few feet away, the man reached in his pocket for some coins and offering the beggar. At that instant someone stub him on the back by big knife. O Ghani, he had knows Ghani from his childhood. Now Ghani is member of criminal gang of Dhaka city and work as a police source. Dhaka city have more than 300 criminal gangs as per report of Detective Branch, Dhaka Metropolitan police. There was pain in his back and it began spread. It become hard to breath. He opened his mouth to ask someone to help him and he fall down the stair of “Shahid Minar” ( Monument of language movement) and his blood melting with rain water in the stair. But nobody came to help him. Dhaka is the city now if anybody face such situation nobody came to help because to avoid harassment of Police. Blood from his body flow in the stair of “Shahid Minar” and going to told the news to his wife “ Our future is bright and golden. The pain was worse and he remember- he was going to his wife told that, he was free.He closed his eyes to rest from the blinding whiteness of the sky. The rain began with exploded sky but he no longer felt anything. ( This short story written by me in German language and published in German literature Magazine in Germany now I translated in English to share with my face book friend. )

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