Friday, July 17, 2015

In 2015 Bangladesh became a Barbarian Country, Gross violation of Human Rights

Here is this Picture 13years old Boy beaten to death in the day light and lot of People observed this scenary and nobody respond because of avoid of Police harassment . Ex Bangladesh Police Chief Mr. Noor Mohammad told openly in interview- I know that- Bangladesh Police could not make good behaviour with common People so, Bangladeshi People do not like to go Police Station and Bangladesh Police always given Service to the political Party those have in power not given Service to the common People.
The 13 years old victim Sheikh Md Samiul Alam Rajon died from excruciating torture. Agroup of brutes was punishing him in Kumargaon Bus Stand of under Jalabad Police Station area of Sylhet district on Wednesday. His crime, they claimed was stealing.
Son of Sheikh Azizur Rahman of Badeali Village in sadar upazilla, Rajon used to help his Family by selling vegetables.
When this is happend in the bus stand area offcourse Police have duty in the Bus stand area but they are avoid this secnary, now actual truth is coming Police received US$15,000.00 as a bribe and help to leave Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia main accused Person.
This incident proved that- The rules of law is not existing in Bangladesh. Home Minister told-Nobody informed Police Station during torture but when the People and political leader talking in favour of Democracy, Bangladesh Police Harass then nobody no Need to inform Police, when I written this Article Bangladesh Police confined politician and garment labour leader Mishrefa Mishu to her Central Road residence. Bangladesh Armay, Bangladesh Police, Rapid Action Batallion RAB, Bangladesh border guard became a Anti-Democratic Force. Bangladesh slowly becaming One Person dictatorial Country. I urged to HumanI Rights Watch, Amnesty International, USA State Department and United Nation to condem this Violation and Need proper Action to stop it.

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