Friday, October 22, 2010

Buriganga River, South window of Dhaka,lifeline of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Buriganga River originated from the Turag river at Mohammadpur in Dhaka, the Buriganga flows through Mohammadpur, Hazaribagh, Lalbagh, Kamrangir Char, Keraniganj and Fatullah before falling into the Dhaleshwari at Fatullah in Narayangong,
It is 45km in length and 265meters in width, with a depth of 14 meters at Dhaka Mill Barrack area. Its catchment area is 253sq km.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Turag River in Dhaka, Bangladesh almost grabbed.

The River Turag is getting drastically narrow near Ijtema Maidan in Tongi as land encroachers pile up sands indiscriminately on the river bank, gradually extending their greedy hands towards its bed.River encroacher back after 2years of hiberation; rampant onslaught narrows the river down a canal. The Turag rivers in Dhaka ,Bangladesh flowing along northern vicinity the capital is virtually disappearing from the map thanks to indiscriminate encroachment on the river for years. if the trend continues further the river would became history for future generation.After a break of two years after caretaker government, the encroachers are back to business. It seems now there are no authority to bar these people from encroaching the rivers around the capital. Different vested quaters including influentials locals, political leaders, housing estates, government officials, refuelling stations, private universities, sand traders and religious group have grabbed the banks of the Turag river over the years.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

River grabbing easy in Bangladesh, freeing tough

River-grabblers having a feast on Buriganga River, Shitalakhya River, Balu River as they face no govt resistance. The Buriganga River second bridge in postogola overlooks a singnificant part of the river. Anybody standing on the bridge would have a clear view of the river and easily realise how shamelessly and ruthlessly encroachers have squeezed the lifeline of the Capital Dhaka.Encroachment on the Buriganga River over the years so severe that the Shayampur side of the bridge has became just like bottleneck. Beside the Navy Jetty a five -storey building is standing in a place which was part of the Buriganga River just five years ago. A lush green lawn and a well-planned pond increase the beauty of the building, which in fact choked the river here. In all happened in the past and no one care.