Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dholai Khal canal polluted in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dholai khal canal in the Dhaka capital city of Dhaka after years of pollution has turned into smelly, ugly mess, dumping ground of grabage and a breeding haven for mosquitoes. Polluted water from Dhaka city fall into the Buriganga river through Dholai khal canal in Sutrapur area in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arial beel wetland in Munshigonj, Bangladesh

As an International Member of WWF and also environment campaigner I am also protest this kind of government decision. This picture shows vegetable cultivated agriculture land view of Arial beel wetland in Munshigonj most oldest wetland in Bangladesh now under major threat from Bangladesh government. Bangladesh government decided to build Bangabandhu International airport and city by fill up the Arial beel wetland. Arial beel produced huge quantity of fish and it is breeding ground of 200 species of fish. plenty of rice, shell and grasses and cattle. Bangladesh is world hunger index country and Bangladesh level is 70 out of 88 hunger index countries. Bangladesh losing 4% of total food production and it is proved, every year food grains import rising. Now Bangladesh importing half billion tones of food grains each year. So, any kind of development project Bangladesh government need to avoid use of fertile agriculture land. Arial beel is a complex habitats, highly efficient for sewage treatment works, absorbing chemical fertiliser, filtering pollutants,
flood control, sediments, neutralising harmful bactaria, play a vital role in climate cahnge adoption and mitigation, constitute resources of economic, scientific, cultural, and recreational value for the community of Arial beel such as fishing, shell collecting, bird watching, swimming, and sailing. Bangladesh is signed country of two International convention to protect wetlands and biodiversity. First one is Ramsar convention and second is under United Nation framework convention of biological diversity. So, Bangladesh government decision to build airport in the wetland is clearly violation of this two International convention.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pure toxic chemical dumped into the Meghna River Munshigonj in Bangladesh

A Textile dyeing industry discharges untreated toxic liquid into a Munshigonj canal that flows to the Mehna River also a paper mill in the same area dumping the wastes in the, water became stinky and black colour.