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Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia equally wealthy

This news published in the Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18-12-2008.
Report: M Abul Kalam Azad
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia owns more assets than Awami League President Sheikh Hasina , although Khaleda annual earning is less than her rival, according to wealth statements submitted by the two leaders to the Election Commission.
Khaleda annual earning amount to nearly TK:25 lakh while Sheikh Hasina earns Tk. 30 lakh and the BNP chief owns assets worth about TK.3.77 crore while the Awami League Chief owns assets worth about Tk. 3.48 crore.
Sheikh Hasina annual earning of TK:20.79 lakh comes from shares, savings and other bank deposits while Khaleda put her highest chunk of earning worth TK. 12.97 lakh in the miscellaneous section without mentioning sources.
Sheikh Hasina earns TK:4.50 lakh from agriculture and TK:4.48 lakh from house rent while Khaleda Zia earns TK.5,23 lakh from house rent and TK. 7.73 lakh from shares, savings and other bank deposits.
According to their affidavits accompanying their applications for candidacy in the 9th parliamentary election.
Hasina has movable property worth about Tk.3.47 crore while her immovable property amounts to TK.1,7 lakh.The largest chunch of her assets is deposited in different banks and financial institutions , which is worth around TK.3,18 crore.
The Awami League chief has gold and ornaments worth TK. 13,25 lakh, vehicles worth TK.6 lakh and furniture worth Tk.7,40 lakh. She also has cash worth Tk.1.50 lakh.
On the other hand, the BNP chief mentioned that out of her movable property, she has TK.36.52 lakh in cash, TK.2.75 lakh crore deposited in various bank and financial institution, electronics worth Tk.2.60 lakh.
She also has 50 tolas of gold.
In the immovable property sections, Khaleda Zia, who is contesting in the December 29 parliamentary election in Bogra-6, and 7 and in Feni-1 constituencies, disclosed that she owns land worth TK:12,300, and that she is also the one third owner of a house.
Both of the chief politicians mentioned politics as their profession and that neither of them has any foreign currency in possession.
Sheikh Hasina , who will contest in the general election for the seats of Rangpur-6, Golpalganj-3, and Bagerhat-1, has a Bachelor of Arts degree while Khaleda mentioned that she is self-educated.
The Awami League chief is currently facing 16 cases which were either suspended by the court or are under investigation while the four cases the BNP chief is facing were also suspended by the court.
Sheikh Hasina did not fill in the section 7 of the mandatory disclosures that asks candidates to mentioned the promises they had made to voters during previous election , while Khaleda said in the section that she tried her best for the overall development of her constituency.

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German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel arrives for the weekly German Federal Cabinet Meeting on 8 May, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

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Bangladesh political party funding by Ghost benefactors run an underground economy.

 Army back caretaker government in Bangladesh-2007-2008
This news published in the Daily Star Magazine 16 March, 2007.
Bangladesh for the country dishonest amoral businessmen. national elections become another source of earning a few millions. both the major political parties remain hostage to these corrupt person who buy the BNP and Awami League ticket at a price as high as 5-10 crores taka.

Though in paper they both claim to profess democracy and transparency, the BNP and Awami League have remained a bastion of undemocratic behaviour. It is no less than tragic that 17 years after the two leader, Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina, who had led a mass upsurge against military ruler Ershad vile regime have themselves remained symbols of dictatorshipin their own parties.

There exists not a shred of internal democracy in the BNP, where party leader Khaleda Zia holds absolute power. The Awami League on the other hand, regularly hold council, and follows what the party-members call democracy,bur from electing (Choosing) presidium members to party general secretary, Sheikh Hasina wishes are command to the party councilors.
When it comes to party leadership both the parties have dictators as the party Chief.

How the parties fund themselves is a mystery. Whenever both the leaders are asked about funding of their parties they name Ghost benefactors who prefer to remain anonymous, Some of these Ghost benefactors run an underground economy, and remain virtually untouched by the law in exchange loyality that they show the amount of cash given as donatins to the BNP and Awami League.

It is not at all surprising that through both BNP and Awami League have been vocal about each other demonic rule, neither the BNP nor the Awami League has done anything substantial to try the other parties leader for corruption when each one of them in power.

17 July,2007-Sheikh Hasina arrested

Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh-2007-2008.
17 July 2007, Sheikh Hasina arrested.
On 17 July 2007, The daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh reports that: The joint forces zesterday arrested Awami League President Sheikh Hasina at her Dhanmondi residence in the city at around daybreak and later a court sent her to jail on charges of "Extortion".
According to the report the arrest created some political dissatisfaction: Awami League supporters trying to stop the car carrying Sheikh Hasina, the police charged baton and fired three rounds of rubber bullet to desperse the angey mob.
The repot note that: In april, the government had tried to force Hasina stay abroad by imposing a ban on her coming home from UK. But in the face of criticism both at home and abroad. it withdrew the restrictions, leading to a triumphant return for her and that, Political observers see the arrest as a leap towards. the
"minus-two theory" that seeks to dethrone Hasina and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia who have reigned over the country politics for years. "Hasina arrested,sent to sub-jail", 17 july, The Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Army back caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008,BAC submits chargesheet against Sheikh Hsina

Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008.
August 2003-BAC submits charge sheet on frigate purchase.
On 4 August 2003 "Prothom-Alo" reported that-After a yearlong investigation, the Bureau of Anti-Corruption has submitted the charge sheet in the Frigate purchase case. The Charge sheet included former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, former Chief of staff of Bangladesh Navz Real Admiral "retd"Nurul Islam, Former Chief of staff, operation of Bangladesh Navy Commodore, retd, AKM Azad, Former director, Naval Plan, Commodore, retd, Haroon-or-Rashid. Chairman of the Trans World Engineering and trading Company Limited Abdul Awal Mintu and Commodore, retd, M. Shahabuddin. The case was filled with the Tejgaon Police station on August 7 last year accusing the for misappropriation of public money and miuse of power in purchasing the DW 2000H Frigate. It was alleged that the purchase made the public exchequer count Tk. 511.17 crore in losses. The charge sheet was submitted to the court under section 409/418/109 of the Penal Code and section 5(2) of Ant-Corruption Act of 1974-Prothom Alo, 4 August, Charge sheet in Frigate purchase Case, 2003, Daily times.

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Bangladesh forner Prime Minister Sheik Hasina Arrested, MiG-29 purchase case

Army back Caretaker goverment in Bangladesh-2007-2008.
Sheikh Hasina arrested.
9 February,1999, eight MiG-29 fighter planes were procured for Bangladesh Air Force during Hasina tenure in line with the technical deal signed between Bangladesh and Russia. Hasina Faces Trial: High Court rejects appeal to quash MiG-29 case, 2007, Bangladesh news, 7 September.

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BANGLADESH: Adilur release carries comprehensive message for civil society

United Nations High Commission for Human Rights told- The government is showing signs of heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction. In these countries, the principals of protecting the right of individuals are gradually being abandoned by the manner in which legal systems operate. For example, the arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr. Adilur Rahman Khan, Secretary "ODHIKAR" ON 10 August, 2013 by the government of Bangladesh illustrates this realty.

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Bangladesh need changed, New Bangladesh.

In 2007, Army back Caretaker government after assuming power on January 11, the constitutionally mandated caretaker government has taken some bold steps to bring corrupt politicians and bureaucrats on the dock. Now that some former Ministers and MPs are on the run, where do politics in the changed Bangladesh? And what should the caretaker government do now to set the country back on track.

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Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008, 5 Adviser sworn in.

Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008,
This picture published in the Daily Star, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 14th January,2007.
From Left: Geeti Ara Safiya Chowdhury, Major General ( Retd) MA Matin, Dr. Mirya Azizul Islam and Barrister Moniul Hossain being sworn in as advisers to the Caretaker government at the Bangabhaban last night. Photo: PID

Army back Caretaker government,2007-2008,Expensive vehicles seized from Corrupted politicians in Bangladesh

Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008, Expensive vehicles seized from Corrupt politicians and businessmen in areas Shyampur police Station in the Dhaka city, Bangladesh during joint forces raids are kept under open Sky near the Bangladesh China Friendship Bridge at Postagola. A policeman is seen keeping tally.

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Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh-2007-2008: Files of Niko graft cases to be seized soon.

This news published in the Daily Star Dhaka, Bangladesh , 7th January,2008.
Unb, Dhaka.
Files and documents relating to the Niko graft cases filed against former prime ministers Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina by the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC ) will be seized soon.
On December 9, ACC file two separate cases against Khaleda, Hasina and eight others for alleged corruption and irregularities in awarding deals to Niko, a Canadian gas-and-oil exploration Company.
Sources said the files and documents concerning the Khaleda case would be seized within "two to four days" while those related to the case against Hasina would be seized within January 15.
"Letters have already been sent" to ministers concerned. Petrobangla and Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration Company in this regard, the sources said.
After the files are seized, the investigation officers ( IO) will review them to determine as to whose statements will be required to record.
The IOs, ACC deputy directors Shabbir Hasan and Shahidur Rahman, are also expected to make spot visits in connection with the high-profile cases, filed amid the ongoing purge in the interim period.

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Army back Caretaker Government in Bangladesh,2007-2008

This picture 26/10/2006 published in the Daily star Dhaka, Purna Paltan area beside House Building Corporation Awami League Cadre bring "Logi and Bytha" by order of their leader Present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Jamat-e-Islam and BNP alliance bring sharp knife and involved in Clash Whole day as result approximately 11 people killed by both party. In the evening. 11 General of Bangladesh Army leading by General Moyen U Ahmed meet with President Late Iajuddin Ahmed than Emergency declared by President in Bangladesh and Army back Caretaker government came in power appointed as Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed.
Both party submit the case in the police station but not a single people got punishment in that case. Case is dismiss in the court due to witness. This is actual Law and Order situation in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi politicians keeping hostage 16 billion peoples. In 2013 Bangladeshi politicians trying to create same situation to loss of innocent life only for politicians came in power for doing corruption and earned money. I urge to Bangladeshi youth not involved this kind of activities. Powers in your hand to Changed Bangladesh to make new Bangladesh. Think about your future life before casting your vote. Do not cast your vote for Corrupt politicians.

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Both Prime Ministers are in prison charged of Corruption during Army back Caretaker government in Bangladesh,2007-2008

This news published in the Daily Star, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Friday,14th September 2007. under head line
"TK. 15 for iftar of Khaleda, Hasina"
Unb, Dhaka.
The government has fixed TK.15.00 to buy iftar detained former prime ministers Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina.
DIG Prisons Major Shamsul Haider Siddiqui told the news agency yesterday that iftar TK.15.00 would  be provided for each prisoner including Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina, now detained makeshift sub-jails in Sangsad Bhaban area.
"If they ( Hasina and Khaleda) want additional ifftar items, they will have to pay for that" he said.
Major Siddiqui said TK.7.00 was allocation for iftar in last Ramadan, Now it has been increased to TK.15.00.

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German Chancellor Dr.Angela Merkel

This photo provided by the German Government press office.