Monday, December 26, 2016

400 thousand Street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh has more than 64 million children, and 400 hundreds of thousands of them live on the streets in Dhaka. These children are denied an education, medical care and acceptance in society. Street children in Bangladesh are 2.5 times more likely to be excluded from school than their counterparts from wealthier backgrounds, locking them into a vicious cycle of poverty. Street children can often be found sleeping rough at Kamalapur, the main railway station in Dhaka, and its neighbouring bus station.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Bangladesh Comany Law is not International Standard


Bangladesh Company Law is not International Standard.Only This Company Law is not International Standard Foreign Investment Situation in Bangladesh which is very low even less than Pakistan. As per Bangladesh Company Law any Company or Industry can Mortgage one Assets  two or three bank to collect Money for his Business. He only Need ´´No Objection Certificate´´ NOC from Company Register Office. In my knowledge Lot of the Bangladeshi Company mortgage his Assets and also Share Certificate two or three bank collect loan for his Business as a result Bangladesh huge amount of ´´Bad loan´´ now almost Half Billion US Dollar which is Bangladeshi Taka-40,000.00 ( Forty Thousand) Coror. Question is How I know it because I was Member of 18years The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I was Member of lot of Sub-committee such as Foreign Exchange, Import and Export etc. Due to this Ex-Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank Mr. Ruhul Amin and Ex- Executive Director B. B. Devnath who is working in Arab Bangladesh Bank (Now both Person dead) very closed to me. So, I know every inside Story and may be I am only Person who have one years Certificate degree from Hong Kong ´´Foreign Exchange and Money Market Investment.