Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Human Right Watch report-Attacks on Students, Government Cities in Bangladesh

Today I received this report from Human Rights Watch. As a German mainstream politicians without any documents I never want to say anything about Bangladesh. This big report lot of picture included Video.
Report says- Thousands of student, including school children, have been blocking streets in Bangladesh to protest the killing two students by a speeding bus, their demand ? That the government invest in road safety.
But photo and video from the scene of the protesters with sticks and machets. Eyewitnesses and journalists also reported police standing by while children were beaten up.
Now instead of prosecuting those responsible of these attacks, the government is going after the protesters, locking up those whose only crime seems to be peacful criticism.
Total 57 cases file by government against protesters and 97 students arrested.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bengali Poet and Singer Nochiketa Chakroborty

Today I am try to writing different kind of Tropics, about Versatile Singer Nachiketa Chakroborty , Lyrics writer, Music Composer,
writer and I Recognise Nochiketa Chakroborty also Poet Nochiketa Chakroborty, may be some Indian poet is differ with my opinion, my request to them, They have to describe the reasons.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena ceausescu executed - YouTube.

Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena ceausescu executed - YouTube.
 I urge to Bangladesh Awami League to stop crossfire because it is beyond UN Human Right Convention.Here is the video trial of Romanian Dictator Nicolae and ceausescu.
He rulled 40years Romania but 08hours trial he is
shoot dead with his wife. May be Bangladesh Awami League leader have face same situation in future.
Awami League leader have face in future crossfire, I am not meaning that,
BNP or any other opposition party came in power and doing that because
 Nicolae Ceausescu executed by trail his own Romanian Communist party.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Crossfire now running in Bangladesh

Bangladesh now crossfire is running as International Member of Amnesty
 International I urge to Bangladesh Government it has to be stop because
 it beyond UN Convention of Human Right, Those politician now rulling
 Bangladesh their may be in future under crossfire. as Example in Iran
 Amir Abbas Hobayda killed by cross after 20years before he was
 Prime Minister. In Romania Nocolai Chashasku rulled 40years in Rummania.
 He only get 8hours time before crossfire and his deadbody bury
 inside the President House. I urged as International Member of
 Amnesty International to stop it as urgent.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Fancy Bear Apps

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Extortion Money is big buiness in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Extortion Money is big buiness in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Three people sustained burn injures today after a local Awami League activist allegdly huried hot water at them for not getting extortion money in Old Dhaka.-news Star Online Report.
Bangladesh Politics run by Black Money because most of political party have not any Member contribution Monthly basis.
Political Party member used name to collect Extortion Money.
Organised people when involved in crime That country became Terrorist County. May be in future Social criminal are making political Party name- Bangladesh Extorton Money Collect party
May be they called ´´Hartal´´ because Prople are protest against Extortion Money. May be Police will told Yes, They have called Hartal.So, People are stay in his house. They demand Ramna Race course field to make their party meeting.