Sunday, February 10, 2019

Transparency International Bangladesh TIB; report elebenth Parliamentary election in Bangladesh

TIB recommends six rounds to make the election system fair and effective.
Dhaka, January 15, 2019: Anti-corruption organization Transparency International Banglades (TIB)
has observed that due to the participation of all the registered political party, the eleventh parliamentary elections are called ´´participants´´ but can not be called ´´COMPETING´´.
This observation was presented  a press conference organized at TIB´s Dhanmondi office on the publication of the first report of ´Eleventh Parliamentary Process Review´. TIB,s trustee board chairpersonA dvocate Sultana Kamal, Executive Director said the press conference was attended.
Iftekhruzzaman, adviser-executive management professor Dr. Sumaiya Khair and Director of Research and Policy Divison Mohammad Rafiqul Hasan. Presenting the research report, Senior Program Manager of TIB Research and Policy Division Shahjada M. Akram according to the finding of the Study. it is seen that the Election Commission fail to play a significant role in important in eleven parliamentary elections.