Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bangladesh Socio Economic problem

Formal Name: People´s Republic of Bangladesh.
Short Form    : Bangladesh
Term for Citizens: Bangladeshi (s)
Captal                  : Dhaka
Date of independence: March26, 1971, eastern part of Pakistan
(East Pakistan 1947-1971)
Size  : Total 144,000 square Kilometers, land area 133,910 square Kilometer´s
Topography: Broad deltaic plain, Chittagong Hills in southeast, Low Hills in northeast and modest-
elevation highlands in north and northweast.

Climate: Subtropical monson climate, wide seasonal variation in rainfall, moderatly warm temperature, high humidity, Climate generally uniform throughout entire country, Subject to severe
natural disasters, such as flood, tropical cyclone, tornadoes and tidal bores.

Written by: Hossain Jamal Buiyan