Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ex-German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

 Dr. Angela Merkel was sworn in as German Chancellor on November 22, 2005. She is the first woman and the first East German to hold this office 2021.

Born on 17th July 1954 in Hamburg Protestant, Married.

Since November 2005, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany upto 2021.

2002-2005, Chairwoman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bunestag.

Since-2000, Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union Germany (CDU)

1998-2000, General Secretaryof the CDU;

1994-1998, Federal Minister for the Environment Nature Conservation and Nuclear safety.

1991-1994, Federal Minister Woman and Youth.

1993-2000, Chairwoman of the CDU Mecklenburg Western Pomerania.

1991-1998, Deputy Chairwoman of the CDU:

Since 1990, Member of German Bundestag.

1990, Deputy Government Spokeswoman of the de Maiziere Government.

Since 1990, Joined the Christian Democratic  Union of Germany.

1989, Member of Demokratischur Aufbruch ( Democratic Awakening)

1986, Awarded a Doctorate,

1978-1990, Member of the academic staff at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Academy of Science,

1973-1978, Studied physics at Leipzig University.

1973, Abitur, (higher education entrance qualification)


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